How does Blakeslee & Blakeslee Financial Advisers (BBFA) differ from Blakeslee & Blakeslee (B&B)?

  • BBFA is a Registered Investment Adviser that does not sell products or utilize products that pay a commission or 12b-1 fee (see above).  Instead BBFA is a fiduciary that only receives payment for integrated portfolio management and financial planning services through an adviser fee as disclosed in its ADVs.  
  • B&B is a broker/dealer that sells investment products to clients that are suited to their goals and objectives.  B&B is compensated by a point-of-sale commission and ongoing 12b-1 fees as disclosed in product prospectuses.  
  • BBFA and B&B are affiliates.  Clients may elect to receive services from either company depending upon the client’s preference and a determination of what is in the best interest of the client.  For a more expansive description of these issues please refer to our Registered Investment Adviser Form CRS and Broker/Dealer Form CRS.